Dr. Sudipta Seal


Student Researchers Honored at AVS Meeting

March 16, 2015

Several members of Dr. Sudipta Seal's research group won awards at the 2015 AVS Florida Meeting.

The Annual Joint Symposium & Exhibition of the Florida Chapter of the AVS Science and Technology Society (FLAVS) and the Florida Society for Microscopy (FSM) was held March 9-10 at UCF.

The Symposium consisted of a plenary lecture, technical sessions with invited and contributed presentations, a poster session including a student poster competition and an equipment exhibit for vendors to display surface analytical, vacuum, microscopy, thin film and microelectronic equipment.

  • 1st Place, Undergraduate: Rameech McCormack and team
  • Honorable Mention: Ankur Gupta and team
  • 3rd Place: Shashank Saraf and team
  • 2nd Place: Swetha Barkam and team

Dr. Seal offers congratulations to all co-authors as well.

Shashank Saraf, Swetha Barkam, Ankur Gupta, and Rameech McCormack at the AVS Florida 2015 meeting Pictured L-R: Shashank Saraf (2nd from left), Swetha Barkam, Ankur Gupta, and Rameech McCormack


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