Dr. Sudipta Seal

Research Group Alumni


Dr. A. KumarModelling and simulation, sensors and biomaterials2012-14
Dr. S. DasNanotechnology in biomedical applications2010-
Dr. S. PatilNanostructure materials for biological applications2006-
Dr. M. MurrayCorrosion of nanostructures2010-11
Dr. S. K. BabuFuntional nanostructures: Synthesis and Applications2006-10
Dr. W. FeiNanostructures and instrumentation2004-05
Dr. S. HongFunctional nanostructures (Visiting South Korea)2004-05
Dr. S. V. ShuklaPhase stabilization in nanomaterials and application to sensors2002-05
Dr. S. C. KuiryNanostructure materials: Synthesis and Applications2001-05


Dr. O. TsurtsumiaMaterials for extreme environments2014


Srinivasula ChigurupatiNanoparticles and Wound Healing2014-15


Susheela ChigurupatiNano and MS disease2014-15


B. EllisZerocrete project2010-11


R. DraperNanoenergetics2015
A. LyMonitoring of Cell-Nanoparticles Interaction and Tracking Internalization Process by Mechanical Probing Using Atomic Force Microscopy2014
V. Singh2012
A. KarakotiTuning the Properties Of Nanomaterials As A Function of Surface and Environment2010
A. VincentProbing the nanoscale interaction forces and elastic properties of materials using scanning force spectroscopy2010
C. DrakeUnderstanding the low temperature electrical properties of nanocrystalline SnO2 for gas sensor applications2007
S. DeshpandeFunctional rare earth nanostructures2007
S. KutcibotlaVacancy formation in Nanomaterials and its emerging applications2007
V. ViswanathanPlasma processing in retention of nanostructures2007
P. GeorgievaDevelopment of thermally processed nanocomposites with controlled surfaces2006
S. PatilFundamental aspect of regenerative ceria nanoparticles and its application in Nanobiotechnology2006
D. BeraSynthesis and Characterization of Nanostructured Sensors2005
W. FeiHigh Temperature oxidation FeCrAlY fibers and solgel surface modification for protection and catalyst support2003
W. LiStructure property relationships in Chalcogenide waveguides2003
J. RamsdellDevelopment and understanding of polyeurathanes for CMP2002
S. V. ShuklaSynthesis and characterization of solgel derived nanomaterials and nanocrystalline metal coatings2001


J. OrtizNano-antioxidants2015
G. HarmelingNano-energy2015
P. Mendez2014
D. Letter2012
R. KumarVacancy engineered doped and undoped nanocrystalline rare earth oxide nanoparticles for high temperature oxidation resistant coatings2007
K. ReaBulk nanostructures, UG/MS student2006
E. BrinleyNanocoatings for optical devicesTBD
S. DeshpandeSurface modification of ASP pads and Cu CMP2004
I. MukherjeeSimulation of nanoparticle formation and its networking2004
S. PatilSynthesis and application of nanoceria2003
P MooreA study of Flow Improvers in Wet Gas Pipelines2003
K. SapreInhibitor- C-Steel interaction in multiphase corrosion environment2001
S. WannapurhunHigh temperature corrosion of ceramic metal matrix composites2001
P. Verghese(Co-advisor) High temperature corrosion of ceramic metal matrix composites2001
J. AkessonMechanistic aspects of electroless copper on ceramic substrates for EMI shielding2000
L. BrachoHigh temperature oxidation mechanistic of Ni-base super alloy1999
A. Kale Processing and characterization of novel Ti-Al and Ti-Al-N thin films1999
R. NardelliSuperficially applied rare-earth elements on the oxidation behavior of Fe-Cr alloys1998


E. Barraza-ValdezNanotechnology and Energy2015
K. KillionElectron transport chain and nanoparticle interaction2015
V. PerezNanoresearch and its integration in classroom environment2012


A. SarkarNanoparticles and their role in biology2014


Good morning Dr.Seal. I just wanted to let you know that I am doing quite well at Nova Dental School, much because of the opportunities and lessons I received during my time with AMPAC. I am so grateful for everything I learned from you, and the rest of the lab, because I would not be even close to where I am today if it weren't for you guys. I am always putting the knowledge I acquired from AMPAC to use, which has given me a large advantage in school. I want you to know that I think about you guys all the time and I hope everyone is doing well! Have a great day, - Julian Ortiz

Dr. Sudipta Seal, University of Central Florida  •  Director, Advanced Materials Processing and Analysis Center  •  Director, NanoScience Technology Center
Professor, Dept. of Mechanical, Materials, and Aerospace Engineering
Email: Sudipta.Seal@ucf.edu  •  Phone: 407.823.5277 or 407.882.1458  •  Fax: 407.882.1156 or 407.823.0208