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Nano-Bio-Materials-Manufacturing Group


Surface Engineering & NanoTechnology Lab

Durip ONR Plasma NanoManufacturing Lab

The SNF lab is equipped with multiple instruments to parallely support multitude of research projects in different areas of science and nanotechnology. The lab is equipped with instruments to facilitate and accelerate the synthesis as well as characterization of materials. It is our motto to become self sustained in characterization of materials. In addition to the various instruments, the lab has a full privileged access to the centralized materials facility (Materials Characterization Facility) which is situated next to the SNF Lab. MCF is equipped with the most modern and scientific instruments required for characterization of materials and is supported by very promising and dedicated staff which make this facility one of the best in nanomaterials and surface characterization

Fundamental Science:

Exploring the extraordinary chemistry of nanoceria
Structural evolution of one dimensional and polygonal ceria and titania nanostructures
Optical and electrical properties of nano oxides at low temperature
Active element effect of rare earth in oxidation prevention at high temperature


Atomic scale property evaluation
Application oriented characterization
Nanostructure characterization


Nano-bio Interface:
Interaction for clinical applications
Toxic potential of Nanomaterials

Energy, catalysis and heat transfer fluids

Nano MEMS integration:
Chemical, gas and biological sensors

Optical and corrosion prevention

Additional Projects

  • Benefits of nanoceria in clinical applications
  • Toxicity potential of nanoceria
  • Quantum dots tagging of nanoceria for imaging applications in biology
  • One dimensional nanostructure synthesis of oxide materials
  • Nano aluminum and alumina-titania nano-composites for application in catalysis
  • Atomic scale structure property evaluation of nanomaterials
  • Exploring the polycrystalline, polyhedral and one dimensional chemistry of nanoceria
  • Room temperature synthesis methods for nanomaterials for various applications


Synthesis Facilities:

Characterization Instruments:

Cell Culture Facility: