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2017 REU BRIDG Tour

REU Picnic - Potluck 2017

Dr. Seal's Birthday 2016

2016 Spring Potluck

November 2015 - Successful M.S. Defence Celebration for Ali Mesbahi

June 2015 - Potluck, 'Chemistry in Cooking and Global Place for Discovery'

2014 - Thanksgiving Potluck

Dr. Janet Dowding - Good Bye Get-Together

2012 Cookout - REU Welcom and Amit's Ph.D. Graduation

Pegasus Professor Award Ceremony

Seal Group celebrating Prof. Hench's Birthday. Brain storming going on.

Nanofest 2012

Group Potluck... Food and science = Fun

2012 TMS Annual Meeting

Dr. Karakoti Ph.D. Graduation and Italy-UCF Student Exchange

2009 Group Get Together