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Dr. Sudipta Seal Dr. Sudipta Seal joined the Advanced Materials Processing and Analysis Center (AMPAC) and Materials Science & Engineering at the University of Central Florida in 1997. He has been consistently productive in research, instruction and service to UCF since 1998. He has served as NanoInitiative Coordinator for the Vice-President of Research & Commercialization. He is currently a Professor and Chair of Materials Science and Engineering.


Dr. Seal’s outstanding research has developed surface engineered nanoscale transition metal and rare earth oxide ceramics for catalysis, energetics and nano-biomedicine. He has developed scalable methods for template free nano oxide particles. He engineered nanoceria (3-5 nm) with switchable valence states with regeneration capability. Using a similar concept, his team developed spherical nano-ZrO2 ceramics without doping with metastable tetragonal crystal structure and explained the reduced activation energy for grain growth in nano-YSZ and other binary oxides.

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Dr. Sudipta Seal
University of Central Florida
Engineering 1, Rm 207
P.O. Box 162455
Orlando, FL 32816

Phone: 407.823.5277 or 407.882.1458
Fax: 407.882.1156 or 407.823.0208

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